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Transcript from an interview with Chris Langan

Julia from Germany: „Chris, you were talking about mankind having to find the will to save the planet. As at the moment, rather than people, it is big money and corporations having big influence on the governments and the media. Do you think in order to save the human race from destroying itself there has to be a revolution?“

Chris Langan: „There has to be some kind of revolution, yes, there has to be an ideological revolution. People have to experience a revolution in understanding. Does this necessarily mean that there will be a violent physical revolution? Well, I hope not, because at this point in time such a revolution would be very costly indeed. So, what I’m hoping, just about everybody else is hoping, is that this can all be done [by] through a mass-awakening. An awakening that includes the elite, that includes the heads of these corporations, and will cause them to stop interfering and tampering with the evolution of mankind in a deleterious way, that actually turns us away from the correct path, which is what they’re doing now. Does this extend that I agree with you that we have a problem? Once again: I think the way to solve this problem is to distribute the proper knowledge and once people possess this knowledge, I think it would be much easier for them to take charge of their own destiny, and throw off these corporate masters and essentially these frauds who are claiming to or are pretending to be able to chart our destiny without knowing the first thing about what they are doing, which is actually what’s occurring right now.“
Chris Langan responding to a listener’s question on a Radio Talkshow (BBS Radio)

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