Elknase Card System

Card system based on the famous Si Stebbins card stack system equipped with solid visual disguise. From the key card, the top card is calculated swiftly. After some practice, you’re able to astound your spectators by calculating card positions from any number from the top or the number from the top where a certain card sits.

Special thanks go to Swiss professional Magician Roberto Giobbi. With his help I could fine-tune some points and make the system what it is today. Thanks also goes to Si Stebbins, for all the inspiration he gave me with his stack. Thanks to Edward Stoddard for his wonderful japanese soroban theory, which was the key inspiration to the value complements of the coding system.

Here’s the PDF documentation in english or german.

A more elaborate work in progress documentation is available here

Have fun!

Date: 2008/08/18 10:21:37