Rational Evolution

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernhard Shaw

Progress means evolution which progresses in the mind by means of rationality. Hence, not accepting the world becomes the prerequisite for rational evolution.

Hence, it’s irrational to accept the world as it is.

Rationals are maybe only a minority in a world dominated by irrational and mostly extroverted non-stop talkers, pen pushers and what not. But rationals count for something. Without rational types, the computer, phone, etc. would have never been invented, and blondie couldn’t call Clark to break him that she was walking Chihuahua Peepsie, and Clark could never update his Facebook profile to find another blondie that had a nicer Chihuahua named Boobsie.

In my opinion, the weakness of rational types is that the pride they take in their work makes them forget to ask for a raise often enough. That’s how the MBA types got to take the credit and took over the business world they dominate today as the big winners of economy.

The world dominated by irrationals doesn’t like change and responds to it with rejection and in such a world intellectual achievement usually gets retaliated by stupidity as if rationals are meant to get shot in their own foot more often than irrationals. Maybe irrationals hallucinate it wasn’t their foot and feel less of the pain by that. Rationals feel the pain engineered by means of irrationality. How better a world could we make ourselves if people acted more rationally? How much pain and suffering could we save ourselves and the world if rational people would call the shots? We could have another world entirely. A world beyond imagination. A world that allowed ourselves to become what we could really become.

The current course of human devolution that turns us into products that are meant to shop for products in perpetuity would be reversed and turned into real human evolution.

The world doesn’t need rationals to get screwed up—that’s what irrationals are for. The rationals have to just wait their turn when the world needs to be fixed and they’re back in vogue. But wait, that’s what robots are for in the future invented by today’s rationals so no one can blame anyone anymore because we are about to live in a perfect world. But wait, what then remains is that when the future world turned out to be imperfect (again) and the robots failed to fix the “perfect world” the only ones left to be blamed are the rationals who invented the robots in the first place.

Give a rational and a fool a computer. The rational uses it as an instrument to practice his brain. The fool uses it as a crutch to replace his brain to pretend he had one in the first place.

Irrationals don’t realize how the world gets screwed up. Rationals do. But rationals don’t seem to realize that their attempt to fix it doesn’t prevent the world from getting screwed up again.

Rationals are responsible for the success of the Mars mission. Irrationals could never have done that. Yet the best team of rationals gets sabotaged when managed by only one irrational. A team of irrationals managed by one rational probably drives the rational insane and he gets replaced by a more fitting candidate: an irrational.

That pretty much demystifies most of what is perpetuated as a rational world full of complexities and subtleties and strips it naked as a world that is far less complex and overcomplicated on purpose, that is. A world that could be different if the irrationals didn’t need so much time to get the rationals to comply with irrationality.

Aren’t rationals beating themselves at their own game?

A remedy for irrationality

As a sound plan for an effective remedy for irrationality I’d like to suggest to create a 3d copy of the world and place it far enough from its original, populate it with rationals only and let destiny take its course for 100 years. My guess is that after that time, when the rationals paid the irrationals a visit on good old earth (the reverse could not be safely assumed), the irrationals would be in awe and think that the sacred religious texts which by then could barely managed to be deciphered must be true because the gods have returned to earth.

However, why return if they’d think rationals were gods because of their lack of evolution? If the irrationals found out they could become like the rationals the rationals would have to help them. Hence, it would be rational for the rationals to pretend to be gods in the face of irrationals and journey back to heaven as fast as possible. Maybe, once in a while, a rational could visit the original earth disguised as an irrational in order to try to teach the irrationals rationality.

That’s about as far as rationality can make it in an irrational world.

And how every 3d printer gets a silver lining for rationals.

Date: 2015/04/25 18:21:58