The Sloppy Mechanic

After many years of practicing crooked deals for fun and leisure, I’d like to share my experiences in a rather unorthodox way: by showing you what won’t work while gradually indicating what could maybe work.

The mechanic’s most important tools

As a card mechanic, your hands become your most important tools. Refining how they work in conjunction with the deck is a matter of deliberate and extensive practice. I wrote “maybe work” above because hands come in different sizes and slightly vary in shape. Given you struggled making progress with second or bottom dealing, it inevitably follows that you should somewhat deviate from the classic textbook instructions and start experimenting with what could work for you better.

Without further ado …

Covering the second deal.

Covering the pass, the second and the bottom deal.


A tribute to Lennart Green

A futile attempt to imitate the great Lennart Green.


Date: 2016/03/12 01:13:36